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Welcome to On-Hub:

Empowering Young Minds to Explore the World of Electronics

On-Hub trains students on-site location in Zurich, Switzerland. Leading in educating teenagers and adults of all agers to the world of electronics and cutting edge of technology. No matter if just a hobby or career move, in a fun way

Bread Board Design
Kid building up a computer
Teams working together
Engineer student soldering
Bread board design
Learn about electronic equipment
Testing a board using multimeter
Computer board
Embedded software to program Microcontrolor
Drone - Projects
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A Leading Innovation Hub

Welcome to On-Hub, a premier Innovation Hub located in Zurich, Switzerland.
At On-Hub, we work closely with educational institutions, businesses, and other innovation hubs to support the next generation of electronic and digital designers.
Our goal is to inspire and empower students to turn their passion for electronics into a lifelong hobby or career. Learn more about our history and the companies we've helped to grow by exploring our website.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Discovering the Future of Electronics: Learn About On-Hub

On-Hub is a prominent Innovation Hub for electronic and digital design that provides a platform with the tools needed to enable students for all ages to create their own designs and products and reach their success.

Based in Zurich, we seek for kids and young adults who possess unique and creative ideas and aim to convert these ideas into thriving, global businesses.

On-Hub introduces students into the fun of creating new circuitry by the following:

  1. Providing basic introduction to advance knowledge in electronics from beginners to advanced levels

  2. Providing the space to create hands on experience

  3. Build basic hardware to perform the tasks such as building up circuitry and fault finding (own Quality Assurance)

  4. Introduction to digital and analogue electronics

  5. Basics about microcontrollers

  6. Building their own computers

  7. Introduction to companies who work with electronics and new technologies to identify their career choices

  8. Social Networking, Internships and much more

Book your discovery call to discuss further. 

Book early, space is limited!

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Discovering On-Hub: Learn About Our Company

Welcome to On-Hub, a hub for kids, young adults, entrepreneurs, startups, and industry experts in Switzerland. We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and expertise with the next generation of electronic and digital designers. Our passion is to help students turn their passion for electronics into a lifelong hobby or career.

At On-Hub, we believe that technology and electronics should be accessible to all, regardless of age. We welcome students of all levels to join us and we will conduct an interview to assess the student's knowledge and guide them to the right level. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of our exciting community. Contact us today to learn more and book your spot as space is limited!

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Get in Touch

Klebestrasse 17, 8041 Zurich

+41 76 567 39 93

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